Sent: Monday, June 29, 2015 11:06 PM
Subject: Rivera Primo Shovelhead 4 to 6 Speed Conversion Kit


I don't know if you remember... But I jumped your ass about your 6-speed conversion kit for the shovelhead at Sturgis a few years ago. Well, 2012 to be exact!! My big bitch was about the starter where the positive battery cable hooked to it, and how close it was to the battery box/oil tank. Even after trimming, it was too close for comfort for me!!

I finally welded a strap to the bottom of the battery tray and bolted it to the transmission to solidly hold it up out of the way. Worked like a charm too!! There were a couple other things - I had to chuck the front pulley up in a lathe (I work in a machine shop) and trim a little of the back to get it to line up perfect. But this install is pretty major surgery - a person should expect a few challenges along the way. And believe me - It's totally worth the effort!!

Anyway, I'm not emailing you to whine about that again - in fact, I'd like to apologize for being as rude as I was. I was in a hurry to get my Harley all put together before Sturgis and installing a kit like this with a time limit is not a very good idea!! And it's kinda bothered me all this time that I was so rude.

You were very kind and understanding and gave me your business card.

And, after using your 6 speed conversion kit for a few years and having put many thousands of pleasant and trouble-free miles on it - I want to Thank you folks for making such a wonderful product!!

I bought my 76 Shovelhead in 1989 or 90. It's the only Harley I've ever owned. I put a 103ci S&S Sidewinder kit in it in 1998. By 2012, the primary was getting pretty wore out. And finally, the bearings around the clutch hub fell out, pretty well trashing the whole primary.

Thought about a 2" wide belt drive from your competitor - It had a better than stock clutch, but didn't come with a starter...

Enter the Rivera Primo Shovelhead 4 to 6 Speed Conversion Kit!! (-:

Wider belt drive, better clutch, starter included and a polished 6 speed transmission...

And it doesn't cost a whole lot more!!

So, I just wanted to make sure you know just how much I appreciate this kit that you folks sell!!

It's a very good value and I'm so happy I don't have to worry about any driveline problems for a long, long time. They raised the speed limit to 80 here on the interstate, and having that 6th gear is just THE best thing!! (-: Helps the engine last longer and more pleasant to ride with the lower rpm.

And not only does this kit function perfectly, and make riding my old shovel a lot more fun... Your 6 Speed conversion kit looks incredible!! From the polished transmission to the chrome starter and polished motor-plate to the very cool looking belt guard - Rivera Primo has absolutely nailed it with this kit.

Sorry for the long email - But I really wanted to let you folks at Rivera Primo know what a great job you're doing!! I couldn't be happier with your conversion kit!! You have one VERY satisfied customer here.

Thank You Very Much!!

Jason Schofield
Philip, SD

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